EasyRoller is a manual wheelchair made from 100 % environment friendly thermoplastics. The EasyRoller is especially designed as a MR SAFE transport device for hospitals & institutions.

EasyRoller is also used at airports & security points, and for rehabilitation in Pools & SPA

Through the years, we have sold more than 2500 EasyRoller Wheelchairs to customers in various countries around the globe

Hospital & Institution

EasyRoller Hospital & Institution, is a MR SAFE – manual transport device. It is made from 100 % thermoplastics, which are environmental friendly and fully recyclable. The EasyRoller is designed for use at hospitals and institutions.

– More info on EasyRoller Hospital & Institutions here

Pool & SPA

In swimming pool and SPA the chair will not be ruined by chlorinated water and humid air

– More info on EasyRoller Pool & SPA.

Airport & Security

At the airport and other security points the wheelchair user can pass the security control without activating the metal detector.

– More info on EasyRoller Airport & Security.


Tested and approved

The Easyroller Wheelchair has been tested and approved in accordance with EN 12183:2009 including ISO 7176-1, ISO 7176-8 and EN 12183:199 7,6. It has also been approved in accordance with ISO 7176-5 and ISO 7176-7
– Click here for Test report summary.

Declaration of conformity

Ceia Test Report

Compatibility test between CEIA Walk Through Metal
Detectors and EasyRoller were succesfull.

– Click here for «Ceia Test Report».

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